1. Short films made before August 1, 2020 are not accepted and the participating short films must comply with the theme proposed in point 3 of this call.
  2. The short will be made from August 01 with maximum delivery time for August 31 until 11:59 pm (Colombia time).
  3. The theme of the short film should be directed towards the "MEETING", seen from any meaning of it, for example; the physical meeting with other people, the meeting of a person with his profession, the meeting with God, etc.
  4. The duration of the short film must be a maximum of 5 minutes including credits. Only versions between 1 and 5 minutes long will be accepted.
  5. Only the shorts made by those who completed the registration process within the established deadlines will be received. Only one short will be accepted per registration.
  6. Short films of all genres will be accepted for this call: Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental (and those that combine them). As long as they comply with the theme of "MEETING"
  7. Short films can be shot or recorded in any format for digital reproduction.
  8. The shorts must be submitted in their original language. When the original version of the short film is not in Spanish, it must have subtitles in English.
  9. Productions that are framed in any of the following contexts are not accepted: a) of an advertising or institutional nature, b) of a pornographic nature, c) that threatens the integrity of people, their gender, race or ethnicity, political thought , religious beliefs or any other likely to violate any fundamental right.
  10. Any production that violates any right of a third party according to the guidelines of the Colombian Constitution will not be considered.
  11. Natural and legal persons of any nationality may apply to participate in the festival.
  12. The natural or legal persons who register the short film will be legally responsible for its content and the copyright of the content, being the only responsible for any possible claim, of the rights holders over them. Participants will release Cotrino Visual Media, the Bacatá International Short Film Festival and all its organizers from any liability, from any legal claim that may arise for the use and dissemination of the material and the nature of its registration and content. During or after the selection process, any type of media may be requested to determine the status of these rights.
  13. Cotrino Visual Media and the International Short Film Festival Bacatá, reserves the right to deny, reject or withdraw from the festival, at any time, any short film or application regarding which it detects irregularities of any order, be they legal, related to festival requirements and rules, in relation to the rights of third parties, or others to which it may take place.
  14. For the delivery of the short film, the participants must fill out the format that is provided by Cotrino Visual Media and the Bacatá International Short Film Festival on the official website of the festival, taking into account that the registrant will NOT deliver files of the short films, but You must deliver a link for viewing on any of the YouTube or Vimeo platforms, therefore if the link requires a password, the registered party must deliver it in the box on the form provided for that purpose.
  15. A group of advisers made up of renowned professionals from the national and international film sector will select, together with the organizers, the short films that will qualify for the award, the decisions regarding the selection will be final. The number of winners will be defined by the festival.
  16. The main selection criterion will be the overall quality of the work, its originality and its organic character, which refers to the coherent operation of all the elements that compose it to fulfill the narrative objective proposed by the short film. Short films presented must guarantee and demonstrate the cleaning of all the original copyrights and of pre-existing works incorporated in the short film. If necessary, they must present the agreements and contracts Cotrino Visual Media and the International Short Film Festival Bacatá require to verify the above. In case of not satisfactorily accrediting the legal chain of these rights, the short film will be removed from the selection and it will be the participant who assumes responsibilities with third parties.
  17. The registration and presentation of a short film to this festival implies the automatic and complete acceptance of these rules. The participant accepts that this is not a public call and that for this reason it is not governed by these principles, this implies that no feedback will be given to unselected short films.
  18. The participants, if selected, authorize Cotrino Visual Media and the Bacatá International Short Film Festival to exhibit the short films, for the festival's promotional purposes, both in this version and in future ones.
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